Who we Are




PinAccl was created late 2007 at the onset of the financial crisis that persists till today.


We were aware of a lack of continuity between the ever-growing need for CPV companies to expand existing supply chains as well as to develop and secure new ones.


Many times, we noticed a vast discrepancy between standard product offerings and the persistent cry of solar manufacturers for customization.


We are happy to put our vast network of relationships and our long experience at your service in order to fill up this recurrent gap in the market.


PinAccl acts as a Consultant for the CPV Solar market. We do not call ourselves a Broker as we really focus on providing integral solutions in the long term.






Our Solar Resources are about 760 000 000 TWh / year

... about 5 500 times the current prime energy demand !
















Au commencement était le Soleil...